Tuesday, December 13, 2016

i feel there unriliable because you can change the number

writing and examples

Image result for advertisements with more than 1 hook Image result for advertisements with more than 1 hookImage result for advertisements with more than 1 hook

Monday, December 5, 2016

1.) It is important because it makes it more real and believable.

2.) To out smart the other companys and to make it a better arguement.

3.) the audiance is people that know about hooks, Said people with a different opinion from me.

Monday, November 28, 2016

1.) percieved value because rich people have yots

2.) retoricle claim

3.) percieved value

Monday, October 17, 2016

1.)Romeo and Juliet is a political story because it brings up the question of who should you be loyal to your love, religion, family, of your Prince?

2,) when two characters of noble structure make a mistake and die. so it fits the tragidy style of righting its also sacficeing for love.

3.) its different because of it was small entertainment its either a play or a cage fight. the poor stood in the pit while the rich sat in boths

Monday, October 10, 2016

1.) I normally go to bed between 11pm-2am at night, The factors that lead me to such a sleep schedule is me reading fanfiction's to improve my story ideas. My 8th Grade year had i say 30 up all nights.

2.) Some of the reason they argue about students going to schools. The reason they argues is the fact studies show that teens dont get enaegh sleep at night.

3.) Its important to take sleep seriously. Because you are less aware and reactive if your tired and weary. Its important you get enough sleep because of you are likely to be better when your awake.

Monday, October 3, 2016

1.)  They are going to resautaunts mare than gas stations. It shows that they would rather be eating than worrying about there car if they have one. I stop at more gas stations than restaurants in a month than anything else, ill gladly buy gas over food but i think that they think nits easier than making their own food.

2.) the evidencis in the paragraph perhaps the most peticular is the evidence.

3.) my conclusion is that teens are losing there sparks with there phones and games. They are spending more time siting around than cruising around in there cars and they are to busy with there entoxocating tech than any thin else. It sickens me that thats the way it is but it is that way now days. the evidence is the paragraphs that show ratios on technology and the shcools aernt helping either with all the tech they aditionaly shove on them is destroying there technology.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1.) No protest dont have the right to turn violent, because it removes the point like the black lives matter riots it shows the world how you want to be treated because of how you act. im not gonna socialise with with you if you are an inconsitrable jerk to people and im gonning to avoid you.
2.) I believe that they are not even protest and more of organized riots that shout about eqaulity while they destroy stuff and preach about how the world views them and they think there actions dont play apart in the way people look at them its pathetic so no they are not effective like Martin Luther King Jr.
3.) the section "tension between protesters and police" is the article and how they should unite is just quite qeustioning authritys about the shoutings of people they got shot for not following orders like the incident with Scott when he was shot and killed by police he didn't follow orders to put the gun down and with the black lives matter raiding groups that terrorize instead of protest i would shot to. wouldn't you if some one has a gun and is acting aggressive and you tell them to drop it and they don't would you shot or would you not.